Captain Jack's Pirate Hats 

The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat


Quotes I love my custom MacKay, and look forward to getting at least one more hat SOON! Quotes
Paul Smith

Quotes Quality hats, well worth the price as they last forever and are the best available anywhere. Keep up the great work! Quotes
Adam Sahhar

Quotes I've been wearing mine for years, and I love it! It made the transition when I got all new pirate garb because its perfect with any look. Ann Marie Laperriere Boatcallie Quotes
Ann Marie Laperriere Boatcallie

Quotes Hello! Well, I shopped around and around and around. And, I found leather hats. I found cheaper hats. I found cheaper leather hats. I just ordered my hat from you. I thought you'd like to know why. Firstly, I very much appreciated the way you contacted me shortly after I emailed you. Secondly was your gallery. You know, all of the other sites I had been to showed one picture of their hat. I emailed a few and asked "Do you have any other pictures?" Either I got no reply or, on the one site, "No, our computer knowledge doesn't quite compare to our leather skill." Seems to me if you've enough know how to have an online store, you have enough know how to take some pictures. Your site on the other hand had an extensive gallery of your work which indicates more than a little pride in what you do. I like that. I also know exactly what I'm going to be getting from you as well. I like that too. Quotes
Wade Boger

Quotes I love my new hat and it is the most authentic of any I've seen, made of the tar-pitch-oiled felt, pressed into shape similar to the old way... I love my new hat and am so glad I decided to get it from you, as the others were mostly leather and the care taken to make them was not as discerning as yours, nor were they as authentic as your hat. I also liked the letter you included on the history of how such hats were made & worn, explaining its authenticity. It came well-packed and unscathed in its sturdy mailing box. Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me! Alison, California Quotes
Alison, California

Quotes MacKay, Very impressed I be with the quality of the hat I just received! 'Tis fine detail in yer work, surpassing even the first LaFitte you made for me many moons ago. Now that one has gone AWOL and it's time to put Lafitte II into action. She's a snug fit. Just right. The custom painted skull is a winner. Thanks a trillion, Ramshackle Dave Owen (of Captain Bogg and Salty) Quotes
Ramshackle Dave Owen (of Captain Bogg and Salty)

Quotes I just recieved my Filibuster hat and I all I can say is WOW! I own two hats and plan to purchase more, Captain Jack Hats is the premire pirate haberdasher. These hats are not costume pieces to be worn a few times, they are of the highest quality and are fully functional pieces of historical clothing. These hats are hand crafted with pride and passion and it shows in the quality and design. Do yourself a favor and order yours today, you will not be disapointed. Sincerely AJ Deery Quotes
AJ Deery

Quotes Captain Jack, I wanted to send you a thank you for making my Christmas morning very special. My wife, Elizabeth Dacus, purchased one of your spectacular hats recently and presented it to me as my "big gift." I was surprised to see it resting under our tree and became more and more excited as I examined the craftsmanship. It is a wonderful historically accurate piece and I spent most of Christmas day wearing it around the house. I appreciate all the help that you gave her with the order. She told me that she had researched the internet for several weeks to find the very best craftsman and I feel that she chose wisely. I have been involved in military living history for nearly twenty years and have rarely seen such good work. Thanks again for the hat. I look forward to exploring your web-site more and may be contacting you again soon to discuss another hat. Respectfully, Scott Chadwick Evans, M.D. Quotes
Scott Chadwick Evans, M.D.

Quotes I love my hat and have told everyone where I got it and will hope to get another in the future Quotes
Rick Martinez