Captain Jack's Pirate Hats 

The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat

Polyurethane Resin Hobbit Door

Handcrafted Polyurethane resin cast Hobbit Door by Jeff MacKay.

We do have the doors available for purchase, unpainted or custom painted…your choice.  5 1/2" diam.

$19.95 Unpainted + shipping.

$39.95   Painted + shipping



Set of 4 Resin Faces

These faces were hand sculpted by Jeff MacKay. They are polyurethane resin cast. Used to add faces to all kinds of Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day Etc.. whimsical props and set pieces such as:  candy corn, candy canes, pumpkins etc... 
Sold as a set of 4, two happy faces, two grumpy faces.  They work great with paper mache bodies.

Sold Unpainted $29.95 plus shipping

Resin Cast Set of Hooves Base 

Create your own hoofed costume with these molded & cast resin Hoof base (set of two). Great for cosplay. Perfect to create: Deer, Krampus, Goat, Centaur, or Satyr costume. 
(Shoe not included)

Unpainted $39.95 Plus Shipping

Painted $59.95 Plus Shipping