Captain Jack's Pirate Hats 

The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat

Custom Pirate Flags

Pirate Flags were used to intimidate the enemy by conjuring up the feelings of fear and dread. This was done with threatening images like the skull & cross Cutlasses pictured here.

Hand Stitched Pirate Flag

Captain Jack's Trading Co. presents for ye true pirates an Authentic Handmade Pirate Flag. Hand stitched as done in the 1700's, aged and worn.

5'x7' Heavy Duty Sail Canvas Hand Dyed Pirate Black. The Skull and Cross Cutlasses are Natural Unbleached Cotton Cloth, Hand Stitched with Heavy Duty Hemp. Skull and Cross Cutlasses on one side only, unless otherwise commissioned.

$500.00 Plus Shipping *

Hand Painted Pirate Flag

Custom Hand Painted Pirate Flags. Aprox 4-6' Double sided image of your choice. Heavy Duty Hand Dyed Sail Canvas. Pre weathered and distressed (or not, your choice).

$250.00 Plus Shipping*

Double Sided Hand Painted Flag

Handprinted on both sides.

$300.00 Plus Shipping *