Captain Jack's Pirate Hats 

The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat

Wool Felt

Captain Jack's Wool Felt -  Felt is a fabric of compressed animal fiber. Captain Jack's uses only the highest quality 100% wool Felt in all of our hats. Available in 22 colors, and three different treatments: Untreated, Acrylic treated, and Oil/wax treated.


Captain Jack's Cashmere - Captain Jack's uses only the highest quality 100% Fiber from Cashmere Goats. Available in 50 colors and available only in untreated.


Straw- Captain Jack's Straw Pirate Hats be made off 100% American Yellow Straw. Tone varies ranging from pale yellow to a golden tone, are light weight and great for Warm Climates like the Caribbean. Ye can have the MacKay make any of his styles out of Straw. Captain Jack's Can also produce a colored dye over wash making the hat practically any color. If interested send an email inquiry.

SeaGrass Natural 

SeaGrass-  Captain Jack’s Natural Seagrass hats be made of 100% Natural Seagrass. They have a mottled tan/ green color and a more open weave when compared to the straw. They are light and airy and great for the Tropics. The MacKay can make any of his hat designs out of Natural Seagrass. 

Examples of Hat Styles in Straw and Sea Grass