Captain Jack's Pirate Hats 

The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat

Classic Captain Jack's Pirate Hats

Anne Bonny

Captain Jack's version of the classic Anne Bonne portrayed in early prints from the 1700's and made popular recently on TV. Broad Brimmed Hat, heavily distressed. The Captain hand stitches the  brim edge, as well as the top of the crown, and hat band. Brim is curled over and tacked to the crown. Hatband is webbing unless otherwise desired (leather is available), with a unique accent button (will vary with availability). (shipping outside of US will be charged via Paypal invoice after your order has been placed.)


This is a broad brimmed Cavalier style hat with an upturned left side. Comes complete with leather hat band, four Ostrich feathers and one Pheasant feather. Also available in a Special “Movie Version” for those who want one just like in the movies. (see below)

Davy Jones

This is the MacKay’s version of  the Davy Jones' uniquely styled hat from POTC3. It features a cleft front peak with a bit of a flare and a rolled back. It is a big hat with a 5" brim. This is the hat Captain Davy Jones wore when he was a man, yet untouched by his curse. Before the sea claimed and changed him. Hand Painted Gold or Silver Leaf trim can be added to enhance the resemblance to the movie hat, and for those really looking to go all out Captain Jack’s makes the only realistic Davy Jones Movie Version Hat (see below).

Original Captain Jack's Pirate Hats

The MacKay

This is a Captain Jack original, and the MacKay's personal favorite. Jeff designed this style in 2003 and gave it his own name. "The MacKay is a bi-forcated tricorn. The front peak is cleft producing a unique two point front, like a hoof or a set of goat horns". This unique style was made popular in the hit independent film comedy “Pirates Of The Great Salt Lake”.

The Captain Henry Morgan

Captain Henry Morgan was a unique man even amongst his pirate brethren, being both Pirate Captain and rising to the station of Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy and Governor of Jamaica. Only a truly unique hat would do to pay homage to such a man. This design is another Captain Jack exclusive designed by Jeff MacKay in 2003. This tricorn features a flattened upside down triangular front.

The Jean Laffite

This bicorn-style pirate hat is named after the infamous Frenchman Jean Laffite, who was as much of a businessman-racketeer as a pirate. The Jean Lafitte hat features wool felt construction. Jean Laffite controlled all sorts of illegal activities in New Orleans, as well as 10 vessels used for privateering and pirating. Using his fleet's cannons he aided General Andrew Jackson in defending the city of New Orleans against the British in the War of 1812 and was pardoned for his maritime crimes. Laffite became known as an American hero, although he did continue his life of piracy until his death in 1821.

The Captain Kidd

This is a broad-brimmed pirate hat with a dashingly up-turned front brim. It's big and bold like the Scottish sea captain William Kidd from New York, who was employed by the English crown as a privateer. Wool felt available in an oil/wax treatment, as well as untreated or acrylic-treated. Kidd and his crew of cutthroats were commissioned to capture all French ships and the Pirates of Madagascar. After near-mutiny from his crew along the way, and having to kill his chief gunner in hand-to-hand combat, William Kidd turned pirate and plundered any ship along India's coast. Their biggest score was the Quedagh Merchant, a treasure ship of 400 tons. Returning home to New York with a ship filled to the gunwales with swag, Kidd tried, but could not fool the authorities that a large part of his treasure rightfully belonged to the powerful British East Indian Trade Co. He was clapped into irons and returned to England for trial and execution.

Captain Jack Sparrow

My version of the now-famous hat worn by Johnny Depp as the quintessential rogue and rascal Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack is the pirate that we all want to be. Dashing, devilish, witty and damn fine with a cutlass in hand. This unique tricorn with haphazardly rolled back side, and pinched front peak. Also available in a “Movie Version” for those looking for that ultimate Captain Jack look. (see below)

Long John Silver 

Robert Lewis Stevenson's classic tale Treasure Island has inspired the imagination of children and adults for ages. This hand-shaped and structured tricorn hat pays tribute to Long John Silver, the multifaceted villain of the story. This hat has three broad upturned sides that are stiffened and not normally tacked to the crown, giving it an over all more rounded and less sharp triangular shape. If adding buttons the sides will be tacked to the crown. It’s a beauty, mate!

The Pierre Lafitte

This Bicorn is very similar to the Jean Lafitte, and just as Jean was famous, so was Pierre infamous. The historically lesser-known brother, Pierre was every bit the scalawag as his brother. While true to the Lafitte style, this hat features a slightly peaked front and back.

The Blackbeard 

The Blackbeard is a traditional tricorn with three upturned sides, and featuring a pinched front peak. When anyone sees this hat they will say one thing, "Pirate!" Edward Teach was Blackbeard, one of the most feared pirates of all time. Blackbeard earned his nickname because of his long full black beard into which he would weave cannon fuse and ignite when going into battle, providing a very sinister, hellish look. He was a large man with unruly black hair, carried many knives, a bracer of pistols, sword and hand axe. He was known to be ruthless and was feared by his crew and foes alike. In 1718 he was pardoned by the Governor of North Carolina but continued his pirating until killed in battle with the Royal Navy. Although his career only lasted a few short years his reputation remains as one of the most notorious pirates of all time.

The Buccaneer

Named for the bold Buccaneer Pirates that inhabited Port Royal, Isle de Tortuga, and Hispaniola. They attacked enemy ships in lightning fast raids and melted away into the hidden coves, waterways and jungles of the islands, with their well-earned booty.

This simple but bold hat has a proud front peak and drops off to a nice flat, round backside. Many Buccaneer crews were hired by the English crown and the governor of Jamaica to harass and attack the French, Dutch and Spanish ships in the Caribbean. Men like Henry Morgan and the Frenchman Montbar were so effective that they accumulated great wealth, were feared by their enemies, respected amongst their peers, and even obtained positions in "Decent Society". The Buccaneers were hardy men, outcasts, criminals, non-conformists, runaway slaves and indentured servants living off the land in the Caribbean islands. They became excellent marksmen, poaching the wild cattle and pigs left by the Spaniards and jerking the beef and pork. They would smoke the meat on wooden frames called Boucans, and sell it to ships that would stop to provision. The Buccaneers took to piracy thinking it an easier way to wealth and better lives. Where Pirates typically stuck to the seas, Buccaneers plundered both on land and sea. Later, the name Buccaneer would be used to mean either.

The Filibuster

The Filibuster is a Buccaneer/MacKay hybrid with the MacKay's biforcated front and the Buccaneer drop back. You can have the edges untrimmed for a truly unique one of a kind Pirate Hat with a Treasure Chest worth of character.

The Pirata 

The Pirata is a wide brimmed style pirate hat that calls to mind the Sombrero. This hat would have looked striking on the heads of such notorious Spanish Piratas as Juan Guarten, Jose Gaspar, Benito De Soto and Diobolito. Features a soft peaked front, and slightly upturned sides and back. NEW! Another Captain Jack's Exclusive Style!

Specialty Captain Jack's Pirate Hats

The Scallywagg                          

This rough and ready, weathered tricorn is perfect for you rougher, dirty, and derelict PIRATES! It is made of black American wool felt that is twice the normal thickness. This hat is thick and stiff. It has three high cocked sides and a very tall peak. The backside is crumple rolled. The Hat looks old, and very well handled. The peak has a 60 caliber musket ball hole through it. The edges of the brim are rough and untrimmed. Anyone seeing this hat says only one thing: "Cool Pirate Hat!" It is available in black only, untreated only, and 23" and 24” circumferences only. If those are your specs matey this unique hat is for you, and you can rest assured that no one else will have a hat exactly like yours!  The Skallywagg is a Captain Jack's Original Design 2005.

Singapore Pirate                              

The Singapore Pirate Hat is made of a Unique Asian Seagrass. Featuring a antiqued pin, exotic feather cluster. Great for the rough, seagoing Pirate. The Singapore Pirate Hat is available in size 21", 22" and 23" circumference. Singapore Pirate Hat is a Captain Jack's Original Design 2008.

Classic Captain Morgan Rum                        

Styled after the Classic Don Maitz Captain Morgan Rum Logo, this tricorn features Gold and Ivory trim on a red wool felt hat, with a specially dipped front peak.

Movie Version Captain Jack's Pirate Hats

Movie Version Captain Jack                             

Our version of the now-famous hat worn by Johnny Depp as the quintessential rogue and rascal Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack is the pirate that we all want to be. Dashing, devilish, witty and damn fine with a cutlass in hand. Unique tricorn with haphazardly rolled back side, presented in a rich brown finish. Made of high-quality hand crafted wool felt (rather than leather as in the movie) and treated with an oil/wax hybrid for weather resistance. This hat is a beauty! And anyone seeing it knows that the wearer is ... Captain Jack.

Movie Version Barbosa                                      

This hat is our Custom Movie Version Barbosa. This weathered beauty shows the wear of the many adventures & battles of the notorious Captain Barbossa. It features sword scalloped edges, musket ball hole, black and chocolate brown Ostrich feathers, one Pheasant feather and a black, leather hat band with aged silver buckle. Acrylic Treatment gives this hat it's dull, rough, worn texture and protects the wearer from the elements.

Movie Version Elizabeth Swann                        

This is the Elizabeth Swann hat our version of the hat worn by Elizabeth in Pirates of The Caribbean II. This Acrylic Treated Tricorn hat features hand whip stitched corners and is mottled Brown and Black color. This weathered and rumpled hat looks well seasoned straight out of the box.

Movie Version Davy Jones                        

This is our version of the Davy Jones Hat seen in POTC2 and 3. As you may know, there never was a real costume hat made for the movie, only a CGI (computer generated imagery) hat. Jeff made the first real 3 dimensional wearable Davy Jones Hat, and spent 70 hours hand sculpting the barnacles for one hat. Kelp, mold, sea slime, razor clams, and fan coral also adorn this masterpiece. Hand Painted gold leaf trim also can be seen under the sea growth. This hat features a cleft front peak with a bit of a flare and a rolled back edge. It is a big hat with a 5"+ brim. This hat is a piece of art and each is serial numbered and signed. Recommended for serious POTC Collectors only.

Movie Version Angelica                                     

Our version of the hat worn by Penelope Cruz as Angelica in POTC4. This black, untreated Carriage style hat features broad woven trim around both the crown and the brim edge, large silver, rectangular buckle centered in the front and two Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers tucked into the band.

Movie Version Spanish Captain           

This is our version of the broad brimmed Cavalier hat worn by the Spanish Captain in POTC4 and features a conical crown with hand shaped dimple ring. This is untreated black wool felt and has a wide leather hatband and buckle, with long black and gold ostrich plumes and black rooster cocque feathers.

Movie Version Captain Teague