Captain Jack's Pirate Hats 

The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat

P.O.T.C. Collection 

P.O.T.C. Ride Sign

Captain Jack's Version of the POTC Ride sign is inspired by the Disneyland Plaque. Hand cast from Polyurethane resin and hand painted ( can be silver, gold, bronze, like new or have a nice patina) your choice. Measures 17" x 1 3" x 2".

$150.00 +shipping

POTC Ride Medallion

Captain Jack's Version of the POTC ride Logo hand cast and painted in this 4.75" diameter Medallion. Made of  Epoxy Resin and painted in your choice of faux metal finish ( Gold, Silver, Bronze, like new or with an aged patina).

$25.00  + shipping

POTC Skull Decorative Accent

NEW! POTC Decorative Accent. Can be added to cabinets, doors, picture frames, plaques, hell you can even put a chain on it and have some Big ol’ RAP PIRATE Bling! 4 1/2” x 4 3/4”. Available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, or any other color you prefer. Sculpted by Jeff MacKay, based on Disney’s Marc Davis POTC Ride Concept. Hand cast Polyurethane.

$25.00 + shipping

Jack’s Jar of Dirt with Davy Jone's Heart 

Jack’s Jar of Dirt with Davy Jones Heart Prop/Replica

The famous Jar of Dirt given to Jack Sparrow by Tia Dalma, to ensure that jack would always be near land and safe from Davy Jones. This aged & weathered “Jar of Dirt” replica is Captain Jack’s Trading Co. version of the movie prop. Jack’s Jar of Dirt includes a replica Davy Jones Heart. (Dirt not included)

$175.00 plus shipping*

Captain Jack in the Box

This functional art piece is hand made by Jeff  MacKay in limited quantity. Each is truly unique and has it’s own serial number and artist stamp. Designed to look like an aged and worn Jack in the Box, with pealing wall paper, and accented by Captain Jack Wanted Poster Replica Stamps. An old fashioned brass Skeleton Key within a keyhole function as the box’s musical handle. Plays the “Pop Goes the Weasel” melody, with the end surprise being that Captain Jack Sparrow pops up from his hiding place.  

Note: This is a limited edition Collector’s art piece designed for display and use by an adult operator. It is not a children’s toy.  


12” x 8’ x 8”   2 lbs

Goonies Collection 

Goonies One Eyed Willy Eye Patch 

Captain Jack's Version of the One Eyed Willy patch from The Goonies is handmade from Premium Cowhide Leather with faux gemstones and leather cord.

$25.00 + shipping

Goonies Replica Treasure Key

Prop Replica of Chester Copperpot's Treasure Key from The Goonies is hand cast  Epoxy Resin, hand painted gold , given an aged patina and coated with a gold dust impregnated wax paste for the most realistic finish. Measures 6" x 2" 

$25.00 + shipping

Goonies One Eyed Willy Skull Stand and Hat