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Skull Stands

Original Skull Hat Stand

When you are not wearing your Captain Jack's Authentic Pirate Hat, it needs to be proudly displayed on a hat stand, not left in some dusty corner of your ship. The MacKay makes these Skull Hat Stands by hand from polyresin.

The skull is life-sized and aged to a nice earth-soiled bone color, and has a few gold teeth. Each is a signed one-of-a-kind, stand alone work of art. Put one of these on your table or mantle and add some real ambiance to any piratical setting. Your mateys will all be in awe and your pirate hat will love you for it!

$175.00 plus shipping *

Deluxe Skull Stand

This Deluxe Skull Hat Stand features a lifesize human skull missing its lower jaw for resting yer Captain Jack's Hat, and a human leg bone for hanging scarves, bracelets, necklaces and the like. The skull is aged to a nice earth-soiled bone color, and has a few gold teeth. 

Each is a signed and numbered one-of-a-kind, stand alone work of art. Put one of these on yer table or mantle and add some real ambiance to any piratical setting. Yer mateys will all be in awe and yer pirate hat will love ye for it!

$250.00 plus shipping *

The Jolly Roger Skull Stand

The Jolly Roger Skull Stand Features a life size skull and both a left and right femur bones mounted crossing diagonally, as on a traditional pirate flag.  Skull with or without Jawbone available.

As each stand is a unique piece of useable art, the exact base height and design will vary slightly from the pictures, though all stands will be topped with a realistic-looking, aged human skull.

$325.00 plus shipping *

Doubloon Skull Stand Upgrade $5.00 each

An aged gold doubloon can be mounted in the eye socket of any skull stand model for an additional $5.

Skull Stack Stand

Pile of four aged replica human skulls. Solid, one unit stack of skulls. Handcrafted and painted. One gold replica doubloon and gold tooth detail.

Each piece is a unique and individual, functional piece of art hand crafted by Jeff MacKay. Signed by the artist with limited edition serial number.

$325.00 +s/h

Skull Replicas

P.O.T.C. 5 Skull Prop/Replica

POTC5 Logo Skull Replica. This is the MacKay's prop version of the Dead Men Tell No Tales logo. 

Life size Human Skull Replica is mounted on a gothic pedestal with gold right and left femur bones. 

Bones have scrimshawed archaic symbols. Skull is silver and Gold handprinted with intricate markings. 

Faux diamonds and ruby implants, Cannibal Zombie finger and bead dangle, Shark tooth dangle, bone fid, Chinese coin and of course Captain Jack's braided goatee. 

$500.00 +s/h

Skull Art

3D Skull Cameo

3D Skull Wall Cameo!! Create your vey own Haunted Mansion Foolish Mortal Cameo or a Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Cameo with your custom skull, frame and background. 15"H x 11"W x 4"Deep. The Skull is life size and can have jaw bone or not- Customer's choice.

Choice of Skull: With or Without Jaw Bone Skull Color: Natural Bone, Aged Bone, Black, Custom Color, Custom Two Tone

Frame: Aged Black, Antique Gold, Antique Bronze, Haunted Mansion Green Patina.


Background Wallpaper: Haunted Mansion Purple, Pattern, Gothic Skulls, Striped, Pirates Red and Black Stripe, Pirates Red and Green Stripe, Multi stripe.

$125.00 Plus Shipping *

Skeleton in Gibbet Cage

Full  size human  skeleton, in real metal gibbet cage, with weathered clothing. Gibbet Cage is handcrafted like days of old and rusted and weathered to fit the character of the rotting bones inside. 

Add one to your crews traveling show for fairs and Pirate Festivals, halloween, or for your home decor. 

Each is custom made after ordering, and will take 6 weeks for delivery. 

$800.00 plus shipping*

Will ship truck freight ( aprox $150. within continental USA)

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