The Hat Makes the Pirate and Captain Jack's Makes the Hat

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Ahoy mates, I'm Jeff  MacKay, Pirate and Master Hatter. I present for you the largest selection of pirate headware to be found on the High Seas. Here are the finest authentic, handcrafted pirate hats and cocked hats from the Golden Age of Piracy. Are you a pirate with a vision? The MacKay can be commissioned for custom work, too.

So whether you are perfecting your Captain Jack costume, doing Ren Faires, pirate re-enactment, living history, want to be the best damn pirate in your port, or maybe you're naught but a humble pirate, when you wear one of my hats you'll feel the freedom and adventure of the life of a pirate. Getting one of my hats is the best thing you can do fer yourself, you Scalawag! To begin building your custom Captain Jack's Pirate Hat click on STORE! You choose the: style, size, treatment, material, color and accessories

The Hat Makes The Pirate, And Captain Jack's Makes The Hats.

Create Your Own Custom Pirate Hat

Here are the finest Authentic, Handcrafted Wool Felt, Cashmere, Seagrass, and Straw Pirate Hats, with 17 styles of Cocked Hats from the Golden Age of Piracy: The Captain Jack, The Barbosa, The Davy Jones, The Long John Silver, The Blackbeard, The Jean Lafitte, The Pierre LaFitte, The Captain Kidd, The MacKay, The Captain Henry Morgan, The Buccaneer, The Filibuster, The Pirata, The Scallywag,The Singapore Pirate, The Lavasque, The Classic Captain Morgan Rum, and Movie Version hats worn by the Pirates of The Caribbean:  Captain Jack Sparrow,  Captain Barbosa, Elizabeth Swann, Davy Jones, Captain Teague, Angelica, The Spanish Captain.

Wool felt hats can Untreated, Acrylic Treated or Oil/Wax Treated:

Untreated - This is natural stiffened wool felt, with no treatment. It offers minimal weather resistance and is not recommended for wearing repeatedly in ocean squalls. Stiff and softens with age. Economy price range.

Acrylic Treated - This offers moderate weatherproofing and gives the hat a dull matte finish, great for a weathered look. Rigid and should be worn with a scarf or bandana for comfort. Middle price range.

Oil/Wax Treated - This offers maximum weatherproofing, and most closely replicates the old world method and look of treating seafaring hats with tar pitch, bees wax or animal fat, without the mess or smell. The MacKay uses a modern oil/wax hybrid.  Hat is hard and should be worn with a scarf or bandana for comfort. Upper price range.

I can make your hat in 21", 22", 23", 24" or 25"  (crown circumferences) sizes.

When ordering a Captain Jack's Pirate Hats Please Note: Due to the large variety of styles, materials, colors, treatments, sizes and accessories, I do not stockpile or warehouse my hats. You are not getting a hat that was mass-produced in a factory overseas. I make all of my hats, my self, by hand, to the specifications picked by the customer. There is typically about eight weeks of hat orders in my production queue already, when you place your order. My work is in high demand and there is a wait. I can assure you that the wait is worth it. Feel free to place your order now and present your crew, or yourself, with a Captain Jack's Pirate Hats Gift Certificate. Your authentic handcrafted pirate hat will be made and follow thereafter! I look forward to making your handcrafted, authentic pirate hat! - Jeff MacKay




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Pirate Pix is proud to announce the release of their new pirate themed photo sticker, editing app developed for the iPhone and iPad. Pirate Pix offers a large collection of pirate, nautical, mermaid stickers, frames and greetings that can be mixed and matched for a fun, engaging collages for use on multiple social media platforms.

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Pirate Pix has multiple sticker packages to add more authentic piratical images to your photos. You can upgrade your free sticker collection with the addition of: Weapons, Accessories, Treasure, Mermaid, Animals, Tattoos, and others with more options being added often. Download NOW!! Free!!! 

Skull Stands

Our Skull Hat Stands can be found on our 

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Gift Certificates 

Captain Jack's Gift Certificates are available for all occasions. Message for a customized Gift Certificate.

Jack's Jar of Dirt

Jack’s Jar of Dirt with Davey Jones Heart Prop/Replica 

The famous Jar of Dirt given to Jack Sparrow by Tia Dalma, to ensure that jack would always be near land and safe from Davy Jones. This aged & weathered “Jar of Dirt” replica is Captain Jack’s Trading Co. version of the movie prop. Jack’s Jar of Dirt includes a replica Davey Jones Heart. (Dirt not included)

$175.00 plus shipping

Pirate Flags

Custom Pirate Flags

Pirate Flags were used to intimidate the enemy by conjuring up the feelings of fear and dread. This was done with threatening images like the skull & cross Cutlasses pictured here.

Captain Jack's Trading Co. presents for ye true pirates an Authentic Handmade Pirate Flag. Hand stitched as done in the 1700's, aged and worn.

To Purchase Go To: CJ Trading Co.

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