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  • Shipping? How do you ship?
    Shipping charges calculated on the website be for Domestic (within the USA) Shipping only. Additional shipping charges do apply to International orders. You will be contacted via PayPal Invoice for the Shipping Balance Due. Products damaged in Shipping must be documented with the Carrier at the time of delivery. The Pirate Trading Co. is very experienced at packaging our wares to avoid damage in transit. All items leave our Port whole and working. We assume no responsibility for items damaged in transit. We will file the damage claim on your behalf and work with you and the carrier to reach a quick resolution. Placing an order with The Pirate Trading Co. signifies your acceptance of our terms.
  • How are Captain Jack's Pirate Hats sized?
    Most of our hats can be made in 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25" circumferences, (unless otherwise specified). We use whole inches, no fractions of an inch. Instead of a commercial sizing chart, which vary from one hat maker to the next, we use the actual circumference measurement of our customer's head, by measuring around the crown of the head, just above the ears and resting on the brow.
  • What Color Can I get my pirate hat in?
    Plum Purple Navy Meriot Cherry Red Flame Lipstick Pink Dark Green Avocado Rust Dark Chocolate Tobacco Gold Wine Burgundy Black Heather Grey Royal Blue Heather Charcoal Cream White Let it be Known! Colors may appear different based on your monitor settings, therefore we do not guarantee an
  • How are Captain Jack's Pirate Hats Constructed?
    I make my pirate hats from the highest quality wool felt. I use felt rather than leather as felt was the most commonly used material for making hats during the 17th and 18th centuries. As to the actual process, let me say that you start by shearing a sheep for the wool and then... well... there are many closely guarded steps before reaching completion. Separating the wool fiber, making wool batting, turning that into felt, die bathing, boiling, blocking the hat, stretching, drying, stiffening, steaming, hand-shaping, steaming, drying, reshaping, drying, tacking, applying the oil/wax, curing. Whew! it's a very time and labor-intensive process to produce a fine felt hat. Savvy? You'll be getting a true value to be sure.
  • Wool Felt?
    Captain Jack's Wool Felt - Felt is a fabric of compressed animal fiber. Captain Jack's uses only the highest quality 100% wool Felt in all of our hats. Available in 22 Colors, and three different treatments : Untreated, Acrylic treated, and Oil/wax treated.
  • What if my Captain Jack's Pirate Hat is a little too big or too small?
    One of the beautiful things about felt is that it can be stretched. If your hat is a bit too small you can easily steam it at your home and stretch it to fit your head. You can use the steam from a tea kettle to steam the inside and then quickly put it on your head. Detailed instructions provided upon request. If it is a bit big I suggest you wear a scarf or bandanna to complete your pirate look. So, choose the size that will most closely fit your actual head measurement (circumference in inches)..
  • Are Gift Certificates Available?
    Yes! If you would like to purchase a hat for your special Pirate, but are unsure of the Specifics that he/ she would like ( Pirates can be a picky), or your special occassion is sooner than the time needed to make the hat, or you just want to pay for part of it... no problem. To get your Captain Jack Pirate Hat Gift Certificate in any amount send an E-mail to: with the amount you'd like to gift and to whom it is gifted and we will send you payment instructions and a printable gift certificate jpeg. You simply "Print and Present". They can then contact us and we'll work out the specifics for their hat.
  • Why the long wait?
    If you are ordering a Captain Jack's Pirate Hat please note: Due to the large variety of styles, materials, colors, treatments, sizes and accessories, I do not stockpile or warehouse my hats. You are not getting a hat that was mass-produced in a factory overseas. I make all of my hats, myself, by hand, to the specifications picked by the customer, using the highest quality materials and old world methods. You truly are purchasing a piece of living history. There is usually about eight weeks of hat orders already in my production queue at any given time. My work is in hgih demand. I can assure you that the wait be worth it.
  • How do I measure my head?
    Using a flexible tape measure, such as a tailor or seamstress might use. Start with one end in the middle of your brow (just above your eyebrows) and run the tape around your head until it meets up again. The tape should be snug, but not so tight as to leave a line on your head. Make note of that measurement as it is your head circumference. If you don't have a flexible tape measuring device, you can use a long piece of string. Proceed with the same method as mentioned before and when done measure the string against a yardstick, ruler, or metal tape measure to obtain the circumference of your head. Now, if you are planning on wearing a Pirate Scarf, or Bandanna on your head, under your new pirate Hat make sure that you are wearing it when taking the measurement, or the size will be off. If ordering an Acrylic Treated or Oil/Wax treated hat, I advise wearing a scarf or bandanna for comfort, as these hats are stiff and will remain so for some time.
  • What is your return policy?
    The products that we make and sell are represented to the best of our ability, both visually and in written description. Some of the accessories are made in other ports of trade and we do our best to represent it also. As such we do not accept returns for items that "are not what I expected". We do accept returns for products that be defective on our end (which is rare). Call for a return authorization before sending any package back. Due to the Custom Nature handcrafting Pirate Hats, we do not accept returns on products that have been made to your specifications. This IS "Custom Work" eg: If you order the wrong size, or color, or treatment for your hat it is not our mistake and it IS your hat, we will not issue a refund for it. We do accept cancellations up to the time that your order goes into production. Once materials are purchased or a felt is stretched, the order be in production and cannot be canceled. Products damaged in Shipping must be documented with the carrier at the time of delivery. Captain Jack's Pirate Hats be very experienced at packaging our wares to avoid damage in transit. All items leave our haberdashery will be whole and in new condition. We assume no responsibility for items damaged in transit. We will file the damage claim on your behalf and work with you and the carrier to reach a quick resolution. Placing an order with Captain Jack's Pirate Hats and/ or The Pirate Trading Co signifies your acceptance of our terms.
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