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Our Exculisve Oil Wax Treatment is an optional upgrade to any ACRYLIC* treated hat purchased in our store. This will add $75.00 to your hat price. 


*Oil wax treatment must be on an acyrlic treated hat. Please select "Acylic Treated" in the store when choosing treatment. Untreated hats DO NOT apply to the Exclusive Oil Wax Treatment Upgrade or an additional fee may apply. 


A Captain Jack's Exclusive Treatment, This offers maximum weatherproofing and most closely replicates the practice of “Tarring” or “Glazing” seafaring hats during the Golden Age of Piracy. We use a proprietary modern Oil/wax hybrid rather than the messy materials of bygone days. Hats treated with oilwax, start out feeling just a tad tacky, and looking just a little shiny. As they age the oilwax will attract pollutants such as dust, dirt, sweat, and oil from the environment and the texture will smooth out to resemble well used old leather. The more the hat is handled and worn the quicker this aging process occurs. This is where the misconception of leather cocked hats actually originates. Hats during this period were most typically made of felt not leather. The animal fibers from sheep, rabbit, goat, and beaver, or a combination were used to produce felt. People saw hats that looked like leather when in fact they were simply felt hats that had been tarred. Hats that are oilwaxed are rigid and a scarf or bandana should be worn for comfort. Upper price range.


Oil Wax Treatment should not be used on straw, seagrass, or cashmere materials. 

Exclusive Oil Wax Treatment

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