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Named for the bold Buccaneer Pirates that inhabited Port Royal, Isle de Tortuga, and Hispaniola. They attacked enemy ships in lightning fast raids and melted away into the hidden coves, waterways and jungles of the islands, with their well-earned booty.


This simple but bold hat has a proud front peak and drops off to a nice flat, round backside. Many Buccaneer crews were hired by the English crown and the governor of Jamaica to harass and attack the French, Dutch and Spanish ships in the Caribbean. Men like Henry Morgan and the Frenchman Montbar were so effective that they accumulated great wealth, were feared by their enemies, respected amongst their peers, and even obtained positions in "Decent Society". The Buccaneers were hardy men, outcasts, criminals, non-conformists, runaway slaves and indentured servants living off the land in the Caribbean islands. They became excellent marksmen, poaching the wild cattle and pigs left by the Spaniards and jerking the beef and pork. They would smoke the meat on wooden frames called Boucans, and sell it to ships that would stop to provision. The Buccaneers took to piracy thinking it an easier way to wealth and better lives. Where Pirates typically stuck to the seas, Buccaneers plundered both on land and sea. Later, the name Buccaneer would be used to mean either.


This is natural stiffened wool felt, with no other treatment. It offers minimal weather resistance and is not recommended for wearing repeatedly in ocean squalls. Captain Jack's uses 3 times the amount of proprietary stiffener than competitors. Untreated hats are stiff and will soften with wear.


Note: Accessories shown in the photo are not included in the hat price. To add accessories please purchase each accessory in our store and add to your shopping cart, including upgrading to oil wax and or cashmere. Additionally, the hat can be made in a 25" this will increase the price by $75. To purchase a 25" Hat please message us and a pyapal invoice will be sent to you.

The Buccaneer Untreated

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