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Robert Lewis Stevenson's classic tale Treasure Island has inspired the imagination of children and adults for ages. This hand-shaped and structured tricorn hat pays tribute to Long John Silver, the multifaceted villain of the story. This hat has three broad upturned sides that are stiffened and not normally tacked to the crown, giving it an over all more rounded and less sharp triangular shape. If adding buttons the sides will be tacked to the crown. It’s a beauty, mate!


This is natural stiffened wool felt, with no other treatment. It offers minimal weather resistance and is not recommended for wearing repeatedly in ocean squalls. Captain Jack's uses 3 times the amount of propriotary stiffener than competitors. Untreated hats are stiff and will soften with wear.


Note: Accessories shown in the photo are not included in the hat price. To add accessories please purchase each accessory in our store and add to your shopping cart, including upgrading to oil wax and or chasmere. Additionally, the hat can be made in a 25" this will increase the price by $75. To purchase a 25" Hat please message us and a pyapal invoice will be sent to you.

The Long John Silver Untreated

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