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This is a Captain Jack original, and the MacKay's personal favorite. Jeff designed this style in 2003 and gave it his own name. "The MacKay is a bi-forcated tricorn. The front peak is cleft producing a unique two point front, like a hoof or a set of goat horns". This unique style was made popular in the hit independent film comedy “Pirates Of The Great Salt Lake”.


A Captain Jack's Exclusive Acrylic Treatment. This offers moderate weatherproofing and gives the hat a dull matte finish, great for a weathered look. Rigid and a scarf or bandana should be worn for comfort.


Note: Accessories shown in the photo are not included in the hat price. To add accessories please purchase each accessory in our store and add to your shopping cart, including upgrading to oil wax and or cashmere. Additionally, the hat can be made in a 25" this will increase the price by $75. To purchase a 25" Hat please message us and a pyapal invoice will be sent to you.

The MacKay Acrylic Treated

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